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ASEGEMA has its roots in the textile unions of the 18th century in Mataró (the silk union, the weavers, the hosiery, the textile looms, etc.) which were born from the significance that such activity acquired in the local economic life. Since last third of the 19th century this activity became more and more specialised in knitting, until it became so important at the end of the century, that the Manufacturers´ Association of Mataró was created in 1902, which was later called Knitting Employers´ Association of Mataró (Asociación Patronal de Géneros de Punto de Mataró).

In 1923, the 63% of the whole value of Catalan knitting production was generated by only three towns in the region of Maresme, which are Mataró, Calella and Canet de Mar. By that time, the city of Mataró was already the main knitting centre in Spain.

During the rest of the 20th century, the textile sector in the economy within the region of Maresme maintains and consolidates its importancy and, despite of political and economic upheavals, a corporate organisation submitted to the allowed legal framework at the time, was always present with similar objectives to the current ones. Thus, the year 1948 sees the creation of the Knitting Manufacturers´ Industrial Co-operative of Mataró within the Local Textile Union, whose main aim was to provide manufacturers with raw materials. It is not until some years later, in 1963, that the Knitting Manufacturers Union of Mataró (Gremio de Fabricantes de Géneros de Punto) is formally set up. Eventually, once association freedom is recovered, the Knitting Businesses Association of Mataró and Maresme area (Associació d´Empresaris de Gèneres de Punt de Mataró i Comarca, ASEGEMA) is set up in 1977 under its present legal frame and name.

During the last few years, in accordance with the development of the textile industry in the area, ASEGEMA has enlarged its functional domain. In 1997, by unanimous agreement of the respective general assemblies, the company merged with the Business Association of Textile Dyeing, Finishing and Printing of Mataró and Maresme (Associació d´Empresaris Tintorers, Acabadors i Estampadors Tèxtils de Mataró i Comarca, ASETEXMA). This subsector, as well as knitting, has an extraordinary importance at both local and national levels. From the time of its creation, apart from representing the group and defending the sector in its several fields, ASEGEMA has also targeted at the improvement of competitiveness in the local textile companies by carrying out a series of actions and offering services of common interest to its members.

ASEGEMA has considered convenient the insertion of the firm into the business corporate network at all levels. Therefore, it is represented in the managing agencies of the Federation of Corporate Associations and Unions of Maresme - which groups together and represents practically the whole of the companies in the area -, the National Work Promotion, the Spanish Knitting Group, the National Federation of Textile Finishing, Dyeing and Printing, and through these ones in the Spanish Intertextile Council, besides other entities, organisations and institutions. Since 1977 the association has been presided by: Pere Sans Llopart (1977 - 1979), Ramon Torrellas Campos (1979 - 1983), Dídac Ramírez García (1983 - 1986), Lluís Mas Martí (1986 - 1989), Josep Maltas Estrems (1990 - 1993), Francesc X. Algás Martínez (1993 - 2000), Josep Espígul Riera (2000-2012),
Paulí Aluart Garriga (2012 - 2019), Josep Espígul Riera (2019 - 2022) and since mid 2022, Francesc Casas Moragas.

From left to right: Ramon Torrellas, Didac Ramirez, Francesc X. Algás,, Lluis Mas, Pere Sans, Josep Maltas, Francesc Robert (chairman of the Association ‘Amics de la Ciutat de Mataró’-Friends of the City of Mataró), Joan Canals (chairman of ‘Agrupación Española del Género de Punto’- Spanish Knitting Association) and Josep Espigul.
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